Here you can receive an overview of the entire breeding history with my Groenendaels.  You can find information for all bitches and their litters that have used for breeding up until now in the kennel vom Schwarzen Ulan 

"Hella" "Ariane" "Amara" "Easy"
Hella v. Nauenhof - Mutter von Ariane / Amara Ariane v. Schwarzen Ulan - Mutter von Eve / Easy / Imola Easy vom Schwarzen Ulan

"Eve" Deutscher.Champion

"Happy" Internat.Ch., s.r. "Ornella"  Bundesjgd.-siegerin "Tai"
Eve vom Schwarzen Ulan - Nat. Champion, Klubsieger 95 & 96 / Mutter von Happy, Hanna & Ornella s.r. Happy vom Schwarzen Ulan - Nat. & Internationaler Champion - IPO3 Ornella vom Schwarzen Ulan - Bundesjgst.-siegerin / Mutter von Una History


"Affinity Affair" 

"Hanna" Klubjüngstensiegerin DKBS "Imola" Deutscher.Champion "Una-History"

Hanna vom Schwarzen Ulan Klubjgst.-siegerin

Imola vom Schwarzen Ulan - Europajgd.siegerin

Una History vom Schwarzen Ulan

“Hanna” left the family, since her “Guinn” made life difficult for her.  After an unfortunate conflict between the two, I saw the risk was unnecessary and too high and decided to place her elsewhere.  She lives today with the daughter of Eve’s owner.  Hanna’s X-ray results are A-1.

“Imola”  was and is a wonderful bitch with a first-class temperament.  She was assessed a 1A temperament, received the title of Europe junior bitch champion, Best of Breed, and German Champion.  But I decided not to use her for breeding. 

“Una History” had to be castrated in an emergency operation at age one.  My dream of using her as a breeding dog burst like a soap bubble.  Six months later I had her X-rayed and the result was HD-A2.