K´Nera on her 17. Birthday (02.12.2012)

Quivive v. Schwarzen Ulan m. 13 Jahren

Ornella vom Schwarzen Ulan mit 14,5 Jahren 


Tai v.S.U with 11,2 years

Ornella v.S.U with 13,8 years
Fullsister after Ch. Tarro van´t Belgisch Schoon & Ch. Eve vom Schwarzen Ulan

Iska vom Schwarzen Ulan on her birthday 23.02.2011. She is 16 years old! Happy Birthday!!

Ornella with 12,7 years. She is a daughter from Tarro!

 Quivive with 11,2 years.

Ch. Tarro - We visit him 4 days after his 15. birthday!! 
Jeff with 14 years and 2 month. A dream of an Malinoismale!!
Ch. Imola with 14 years and 8 month! What a greatfull female!!



Ornella on her 12. birthday. She is always an wonderful female. Healthy and powerful!! She still loves to swim and run
Nice with 12 years
K´Nera with 12,8 years Iska with 14 years
halfsisters, which look very similar
Lucy and her girlfriend Imke.... but how fast time goes by. And how small the two of them were, 12,5 years ago ;-)
Ch. Radscha with 9,8 years

"Kenzo" short time before he will be 13 years 

"Ornella" on her 11 birthday 

"Nemo" 11 years with his owner 

"Quivive" age 9,5 years. 
Picture taken by 6.9.08. Ch. Imola vom Schwarzen Ulan (13,7 years ) and her 13 years old boyfriend Jeff vom Schwarzen Ulan on the sea. 
Today I have received one more photo of the birthday boys. It is Jeff - few days after his 13th birthday. Unfortunately, he may not put the ears, besides, they are so wonderfully small;-)


Juri on his 13. Birthday Still a wonderful dog. Today he carries a pretty white mask instead of his nice blacks.
K´Nera with 12,8 years

These pictures are to be looked especially nicely, because Nerina has brought only a short time ago a heavy operates  successfully behind itself. Thank you Heidi & Rüdiger

Moro with 11,5 years Helen with 13 years, 8 month and without coat  ;-)
Ch.  Radscha age 9 years, SchH II 
Quivive age 9 Years, 3 month 

Ornella, age 10 Years,8 month 

Esprit in Year 2007. Her age on this foto is around 14,5 years!!

Iska - 2 weeks befor she will be 13. years!!!! Iska

Gypsy-Queen with 13 years and 9 month

Juri  with 12 years and 4 month

K` Nera with 12. age

K´Nera on motorboat with her Crew

Tarro with 12 years

Tarro nearly 13 years