Having opened the page “Specialdogs” under the heading DANKE, it’s a matter of courtesy towards my dogs to have them—actually all of them—mentioned.

The first who comes to mind is my Malinois bitch, Paerle de Belle Edita, meanwhile deceased.  Under “In Memoriam” you’ll find her story and development.  Next in line and unforgotten is Ariane vom Schwarzen Ulan.  She was a bitch who never claimed a champion title, but she managed to have many Groenendael descendants at home and abroad.  There is however one particular bitch who must be mentioned here, namely


Eve, perhaps the greatest Groenendael bitch of my dreams, turned 11 on Dec. 31, 2003.  To honour her birthday, I paid her a visit and took the following pictures of her.  

11 years old

She is and will remain a special dog to whom I owe much gratitude.  She is almost exclusively the foundation of my Groenendael breeding.  I myself don’t see her aging and even though she is 11 years old, she should have no problems keeping up with younger Groenendael bitches.  

She was admired in her best years not only by visitors, but also by judges as well.  For me, her particular highlights in her show career included the title of Club Champion in 1995 and in 1996.  Two times she was significantly victorious and received second place in the breeding group at the DKBS Special Championships.  She excelled effortlessly three years in a row with the award of the most beautiful breeding bitch from all varieties at the DKBS Special Championship Breed Show.  And last but not least, she received the well-deserved title of German Champion VDH, on account of her respective achievements. 

I was able to show Eve 13 times, before predominantly foreign and renowned judges.  Therefore in the countries of France, Germany, Austria, and Belgium she received three times second place, four times third place, and first place six times, each time with the highest conformation rating of excellent.  But Eve is not only an exemplary bitch.  Next to an excellent appearance, she also possesses many good working dog characteristics that I noticeably miss in typical Groenendaels.  She was almost up to par with my Malinois dogs in regard to her drive to play and prey, along with her earnestness.  She proved herself in her breeding capabilities as well.  

She bore a total of five litters from four different males.  She chose her breeding partner herself for both her first and last litters.  From what I now know, this wasn’t a bad decision.  She chose her half-brother, Cashmir, at a club meeting and from that mating came the H-litter vom Schwarzen Ulan.  Out of that litter came the one and only Groenendael bitch from German breeders that ever received the predicate sujet recommandée.  That was Happy vom Schwarzen Ulan, who claimed not only the title of German, but International Champion.  She took the work tests SchH 3, IPO 3 and FH.  As far as I know, this is also an unique combination for a Groenendael.

Eve has 32 direct descendants and through her children, Ch. Happy, Sydney, Ch. Sisco, Shirley, Ornella, and Tai, she has a considerable number of grandchildren and great-grandchildren..  I could go on and on writing about this dog, but I have attempted to restrain myself in my euphoria.  The danger lies in that even a discerning expert of Belgian Sheepdogs would be enthralled once he would get to know her.  Not only do I know this bitch, but I was present at her birth and accompanied her at shows and at her deliveries.  

Despite all my enthusiasm for this dog, I mustn’t forget that even Eve has her little imperfections.  The only thing that really bothers me is the fact that this dog didn’t belong to me.  I’m grateful to you, Leandro, that you made it possible for me to bring about these litters and that you didn’t break agreements, which so often happens with other “breeders”, once they have discovered the breeding value of a particular bitch.  A special thank you as well for offering Eve a safe, good, and reliable home for 11 years.  I hope your girl will reach the age of her mother, Ariane, who for 15 years, lies and sleeps under my desk.  

And last but not least:  Mrs. Erna Bossi—well-known among Belgian Sheepdog breeders, who wrote in her book on Belgian Sheepdogs:  “Eve embodies the prototype of a Groenendael bitch.”  Enough said….

Irmelshausen, 30.12.2003