A short flashback into 1979 and from there to the story of the beginnings

of the Kennel  “vom Schwarzen  Ulan”.  Breeder:  Ursula Buchen, Irmelshausen, 
We, that is, Ursula Buchen, and my twin sons, Maurice and Yannick...At the present time there are several dogs also living in our family:  the senior Affinity Affair vom Quaestenberg  (*02.06.06) and our youngest familymember the Groenendaelmale Ylur vom Schwarzen Ulan (13.02.2012) and Allure van de zwarte Roos * 03.08.2014 ( an dutch sheepdog)

We would like to allow you a small glimpse into our life with the Belgian Shepherd....

Maurice gerade 11 Monate alt bei Tai & Vici

Anno 1979 and how it began...

It was more of a chance happening that I was the first in our house to be infected with the “Belgian Virus”.  It began in 1979.  A small black bitch named Anka put me under her spell.  She was born on the 7th of November, 1979, with no registration nor immunization record and came from uncontrolled breeding.  

She was the Christmas gift for the neighbour’s daughter.  Unfortunately--or rather fortunately for me--the girl didn’t show much interest in the puppy. Shortly thereafter, I took the puppy in my care and went with her on her daily walks.  I even trained Anka (up to level SchH 2).  Anka  gradually became my dog, but I wasn’t officially allowed to take her as my dog since my parents were already raising collies and they didn’t care to have another dog.  Anka was able to move to our family though when our collie died in 1982.  Two years later my parents were so far as to allow me to have two more Groenendael bitches.  This time they were from controlled and good breeding.  This is what led us to the successful and notable breeding site “vom Nauenhof”.
SchH1 - 16.11.1983

Hella vom Nauenhof was born on Friday the 13th of April, 1984.  In that year as a teenager, I became a member of the German Club for Belgian Shepherds (DKBS).  At one year “Hella” qualified as a companion dog and later also passed her performance qualification.  Tested for HD, she was HD-free.  We went to many shows together and she achieved excellent results.  The wish for my own puppies was now awakened! And with that, the kennel with the name “vom Schwarzen Ulan” began. The kennel was registered with the DKBS and was registered with the FCI.  My dogs and I went through a rather long and difficult way and along this way, in over  two decades, I met a few, and even fewer good friends who were sincere Belgian Shepherd lovers, friends and breeders in Germany as well as in other countries.  In the end, our way was successful—very successful actually!  The breeds from Schwarzen Ulan have for years shown their typical and true Belgian characteristics. This has thankfully come about due to those who have obtained puppies from our kennel.  With my dogs they collected innumerable national championships and over the years, multiple awards in all age classifications in national breeder shows.  “My dogs” achieved the title “Best in Show” three times and last but not least, there have been many national and international champions from “vom Schwarzen Ulan”.  

Even in club magazines, as well as in books dedicated to the topic of Belgian Shepherd dogs, you can find “my dogs” in articles and in pictures. 

2002 - 4 Generationen

From them came new breeding and looking back, I can see that a number of the dogs from Schwarzen Ulan have become the basis for current breeding.  Even longstanding breeders, both here and abroad, have gladly extended their breeding base with my dogs or bitches.

Now then, the last three litters, carrying the kennel  name, “vom Schwarzen Ulan”, have been born from 2001 to 2003 under the club membership to BSB.  At the end of 2003 I dropped my membership to BSB and in 2004, I stopped breeding dogs; however, not because of a loss of fascination for this breed. 

 Since the 24th of May, 2005 our lives have been enriched by our precious Maurice and Yannick.  It appears that there is a magical gravitation between child and dog.  And who can already predict that maybe one of the two may eventually carry on the tradition of “vom Schwarzen Ulan”?  It is possible that this “virus” is hereditary.

our 10 month son Yannick & Ornella 8 years

In the year 2008 I resigned into the club "Belgische Schäferhunde Berlin" and 2010, after breeding break of 7 years, there is intended a big amount of litters in the breeding station "vom schwarzen Ulan".

August 2006:  Quite a few things have happened.  In June the much wished-for and enchanting Tervuren bitch Lucandy from the Norwegian kennel, Chevy’s, moved in with us.

And what became of Tai’s litter?  Tai fulfilled our wish and on the 2nd of June, 2006, gave us seven vitally alive Groenendael  puppies.  The decision of which bitch to keep for ourselves was most difficult and it took us a while to make our choice.  Now she is our youngest pack member:  Affinity Affair vom Quaestenberg.