In Memoriam

The dogs mentioned here so far accompanied me for a lengthy, if not very long time. No matter how many years we spent together, it wasn’t long enough.


They brought up their offspring in my home and formed the Kennel vom Schwarzen Ulan breeding into what it represents today.
This is a kennel that can stand up to any international comparison.  
The loss of each one of them still hurts even now, to some degree after many years, still very much. 


 Each one had their individual personality with strengths and weaknesses,....

 but what they all had in common was.......
the print of their paws stamped firmly in my memory.

Information about each dog is available when clicking on the corresponding photo.  

"Hella" vom Nauenhof (Thora) 

13.04.1984 - 08.01.1995


"Neptune" des Lancaumont (Jacques) 

07.11.1989   -  18.08.1997      


"Paerle" de la Belle Edita (Jill) 

07.04.1991 - 29.04.2000      


"Guinn" vom Schwarzen Ulan      

07.06.1994  -  29.08.2000 


"Easy" vom schwarzen Ulan

31.12.1992 - 02.09.2002     

"Ariane" vom schwarzen Ulan

07.03.1989 - 09.06.2005